Miscellaneous Policies

Gift Donation and Memorial Policy

          The Library is pleased to accept gifts and/or memorial gifts from patrons.  Gifts are gratefully and willingly accepted as long as no restriction is placed upon their use.  Acceptance of gifts (of books and other library materials) will be determined by the Library Director on the basis of their suitability to the library’s purposes and needs in accordance with the library’s stated materials selection policy.  Use or disposal of all gift materials will be determined by the Library Director or designated agent.  The library has the right to discard any gifts in poor physical condition (e.g. brittle paper, water or mildew damage, torn and/or missing pages. Gift values will not be appraised for income tax purposes.

Weeding and Discarding

Materials that no longer meet the stated objectives of the library (including those that have become damaged or obsolete) will be systematically withdrawn.  Disposition and replacement of library materials so weeded will be at the discretion of the library director.

Replacement and Duplicate Policy

The Library will replace materials on as as-needed basis, taking into consideration budget constraints, user demand, and currency of the material.

Replacement cost of Library Materials

If patrons lose or destroy materials, they will be responsible for paying the cost of replacement or repair. The library will not accept an exchange of materials, IE no purchase of like materials will be accepted. If materials are new, replacement price (purchase price) will be reflected on the material record.  If purchasing price cannot be determined, a minimum price will be charged.

Schedule is as follows but is subject to change:

Minimum replacement cost of books

Paperback:                    $10.00

Hardback Fiction          $25.00

Hardback Nonfiction    $25.00

Children’s Fiction        $20.00

Children’s Nonfictions $20.00

Large Print Book          $30.00

Once payment has been made and processed by library staff, no refund will be issued.

Audio Books, CD’s, VHS Movies, DVD’s

Patrons who damage or lose tapes from audio books will be charged actual replacement cost of the damaged or lost tape.  If whole set needs to be replaced, replacement charges will be charged.  If set is replaced, processing fee will apply plus the cost of new case if necessary.  If CD’s, movies, DVD’s are lost are damaged beyond use, actual replacement prices will be charged. The average cost for replacement of an audio CD is $7.00 per disk.

Challenges to the Collection

Books and other materials will not be removed from the library’s collection simply at the request of a library user, individual or group. The Bonne Terre Library is aware that some materials may be controversial and may offend some patrons.  The Library recognizes the right of an individual or group to make a complaint about the inclusion of material in the library’s collection.

Patrons making a complaint about any material shall be directed to the Library Director.  If the Director is not available, a staff person will obtain the necessary information on the “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form and inform the Library Director as soon as possible.  The Director will contact the patron in writing after carefully reviewing the complaint in relation to the Collection Development Policy. The material in question will remain in circulation during this process.

If this response is not satisfactory, the patron may appeal the decision to the City Council.  If the inclusion of the item in the Library collection is found by the City Council to be legitimate and justifiable based on the stated policies, the decision shall be explained in writing to the complaining patron and no further action is needed.  The decision of the City Council is final.

Reevaluation of Collection Development Policy

The Library’s Collection Development Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that the library’s goals and mission are being met. Part or all of the policy may be amended during these reviews.  The policy will be reviewed by the library director in cooperation with the Bonne Terre City Council.  Any modifications to the collection will be approved by the City Council.

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