Library Policies

Bulletin Board and Display Policy

The bulletin board and display areas of the Bonne Terre Memorial Library will be reserved for information from the following institutions/organizations, listed in order of priority:

The Bonne Terre Memorial Library

Friends of the Library

Bonne Terre Historical Society

Other library partner organizations

City of Bonne Terre

Non-profit organizations

Council for the Arts

State and Federal Government

The Bonne Terre Memorial Library exclusively reserves the right to accept or reject any proposed postings or displays. The library director has the authority to approve postings and displays. No information may be displayed that expresses singular religious or political beliefs or that publicizes a commercial/for-profit enterprise.

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are a vital part of out library services. A potential volunteer will need to fill out an application to be approved by the library director. Minor children will need parent’s permission to volunteer. Once an application has been reviewed by the library director and accepted into the volunteer program, they will be expected to abide by restrictions and guidelines set up by the library board.

How to become a volunteer:

1. Fill out application.

2. Library Director reviews application and interviews the applicant.

3. Volunteer will be asked to sign a contract.

4. Volunteer will be asked to sign in each time they appear for work.

5. Volunteer hours will be tabulated and recorded on the state form.

Telephone Policy

The Bonne Terre Memorial Library telephone is not for public use. Patrons should neither make nor receive personal phone calls. In the event of an emergency, patrons may ask library personnel for assistance.

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